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Hobby & Kestrel

Hobby & KestrelThese are the workhorses of core cutting with over 500 in current use. There is a diven cutting mandrel of non-hardened steel for each diameter. Below the mandrel there is a driven shaft with up to 10 or 12 cutters mounted. The operator loads a long core and depresses a lever or hand valve to bring the cutters in to the core. The cut pieves are then removed bu hand. To speed up production and automatic strip device can be fitted. To make the machines fully automatic an input hopper can be added to some machines.The following table is a guide only as machines are built to order.

Core Cutter

Technical Specification
Model Diameter Length Cut Length Wall Tubes/min
HOBBY 1"- 6" 40"-49" ½"- 49" 1/16"- ½" 10-20/min
25 - 160mm 100-125cm 9-1250mm 2-10mm 10-20/min
Changes Air Electric Dimensions
15mins 50 1/min 1.5kW 71"x19½"x51"
551 lbs
15mins 50 1/min 1.5kW 1.8x0.5x1.3m
Model Diameter Length Cut Length Wall Tubes/min
Kestrel 1"-12" 40"-71" ½"-71" 1/16"-1" 8-15/min
25-300mm 100-180cm 9-1800mm 2-25mm 8-15/min
Changes Air Electric Dimensions
20mins 200 1/min 7kW 90½"x35½"x51"
1102 lbs
20mins 200 1/min 7kW 2.3x0.9x1.3m