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North and South American Representative for PERKIN

SW Model's

Spiral Tube Winders
  • SW200-15
  • SW500-25
  • SW1000-25
  • SW1250-25

These new spiral paper tube winders are no ordinary machines. They are each designed to accept 3 axis motorised winding table adjustment to give ultra-rapid setting time. A further feature is available to allow motorised adjustment of the gluing angle and along winding mandrel.

Spiral Tube Winders

The PERKIN winders are powerful and require little maintenance. The motors are attached to the winding table to allow a simple transmission system. Pneumatic constant belt tensioning is a standard fitment with the added benefit of safety quick release.
Spiral Tube Winders

Technical Specification
Model Diameter Wall Thickness Board Width Motor Power
SW200-15 1"-8" ½" (max) 6" (max) 20kw
20-200mm 15mm (max) 150mm (max) 20kw
SW500-25 1"-19½" 1" (max) 8" (max) 40kw
25-500mm 25mm (max) 200mm (max) 40kw
SW1000-25 2"-39" 1" (max) 8" (max) 40kw
50-1000mm 25mm (max) 200mm (max) 40kw
SW1250-25 3"-49" 1" (max) 8" (max) 60kw
70-1250mm 25mm (max) 200mm (max) 60kw